Classes/Course directions

We teach a variety of courses tailored to the needs of each child using a variety of methods e.g. Click IT tutorials.

Specific courses are normally decided upon by our tutors. They will conduct an informal assessment in the first two sessions; the most appropriate courses are then chosen according to the ability of the child or the level of the group.

There are always two tutors plus one junior instructor on hand, so there is plenty of individual attention.


clickit typing academy

We take typing very seriously. It is the basis of most interaction encountered through technology.

Each student is subscribed to the typing academy module which provides them with their own direct login access to maintain and reconsolidate typing skills away from sessions.

The modules are meticulously tailored and help build skills in patience, listening and most importantly, proficient use of the keyboard.

clickit programming academy

Coding teaches vital problem-solving, creativity and communication skills.

We use a range of games and equipment to arouse students interest and curiosity. By providing an environment full of discovery and challenge, children are given an opportunity to utilise a range of programming platforms and hardware integration e.g. Raspberry Pi and Scratch

clickit editing academy

There are a variety of ways to edit captured footage through technology. The students are given an abundance of opportunities to explore styles and themes when in the Director's Chair.

This consists of creating movies, voiceover documentaries, special effects, screencast tutorials, animations, and much more.

The students are encouraged to access whatever their interest sways towards, in order that the interest is sustained and self-driven.

clickit microsoft office academy

There are a range of programmes that students will acclimatise themselves with. It is also important to measure the delivery of understanding.

Concepts are just as important as software applications, this means the students are asked to breakdown the purposes of different packages and how to further manipulate documents to the nth degree. Whether it's photo editing via powerpoint, playing games in excel, or going survival mode (using only a keyboard to control the computer) - There are over 200 keyboard shortcuts afterall!